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“All that glitters is not gold;
Often  have you heard that told;
Many a man has life hath sold But my outside to behold.”-Shakespeare.

Mission of the Department :

One of the important missions of the Department is to make the students real men of the country, enrich them with an yearning for higher knowledge and endow them with inquisitiveness for language study and literary sense and enrich them with sound knowledge of English Language and Literature.   In the changing scenario of globalization, the Department has a positive role in teaching the students to enrich them with further studies and encourage them to participate in different academic competitions. It is striving to develop the students with the range of international demands of communication, exchange of views etc.


Dr. Amal Kanti Chakrabory, Reader in English and Head of the Department.

Rajendranath Dutta, Associate Professor of English.

MADHUMITA MAITI, Part Time Teacher

Rajkumar Bera, Part Time Teacher

Library Facilities :

There is a central library in the college. The department itself has a library of its own for its students and teachers. Besides central library, students can avail the Book Bank facilities. For English section, the library has a fairly large stock of seminal books on language, literature and criticism to cater to the needs of the students’ intellectual yearnings. From CPF Fund more than sixty books were purchased last year for the Central Library.

Teaching Learning Method

Mode of Teaching  :    class lectures, recitation, oration, boardwork.
Other methods  :  Students’ feedback, group discussions, class tests, tutorial classes.
Academic activities  :     Holding Seminars, arranging educational excursions,
(apart from class             publishing wall magazine and

teaching-learning)               departmental patrika (journal).

Extension Activities

  1. To encourage and prepare students to appear at the Selection Test for admission into P.G. Course in different Universities inside and outside West Bengal.
  2. To advise the students after PG course to appear in NET/SET, WBCS, IAS, SSC Examinations and special emphasis given on research activities.
  3. Personal contact programme for Distance Education (Bridge Course) at the University during summer recess and puja vacation.
  4. Taking classes at IGNOU, Midnapore College Centre for EEG, MEG students on Sundays.

Paper-setting, spot evaluation of the University answer scripts as well as those of School Service Commission at Bankura.

Interaction with  the Society

    • Participating in blood donation programme
    • Participating in Health Check-up programme
    • Arranging Seminar on World AIDS Day
    • Participating in Tree Plantation programme.





Brief History of the English Department

Midnapore College was once a centre of learning English in the whole district of undivided Midnapore during and after the British regime. Prof. Manmathanath Sikdar, the then Presidencian, popularly known as Sikdar, had laid a solid foundation of teaching English in Midnapore College in 1957, which was later fortified by Principal Pareshnath Ghosh, also a Presidencian. Honours affiliation in English was granted by Calcutta University in 1957. Before that English was taught as the core subject. Gradually other teachers were appointed. Among the renowned teachers of English in this college, mention may be made of Santosh Pratihar , Dilip Banerjee, Rabi Chakraborty, Sanatan Das, Sunil Mukherjee, and Tapanjyoti Banerjee. At present two whole time teachers. Dr. Amal Kanti Chakraborty and Rajendranath Dutta, are teaching  English. The English Department is badly in need of more teachers although some guest teachers are teaching English. The number of English text and reference books is high. The students can avail different kinds of books from the Central library, Book Bank and Refrence Section. The Students admitted in this department are doing good in the University examinations.


At Present two  whole time U.G.C. Lecturers are serving the English Department to their utmost capacity. Dr. Amal Kanti Chakraborty, Associate Professor, is in charge of the Department and is conventionally called Head of the Department. He served Vidyasagar University for five consecutive years as Guest-Teacher in English and is now engaged in teaching the MEG (Post-Graduate) students of Indira Gandhi National Open University on Sundays. He also devotes time on writing articles for journals and is sometimes invited as Resource Person for Seminar. Sri Rajendranath Dutta, Associate Professor faithfully serves the English Department to the best of his capacity. He is also busy in his plan for Ph.D. thesis. He is appointed  as academic counsellor for the MEG(Post-Graduate) students of Indira Gandhi National Open University on Sundays. In addition, Sri Dutta is performing his duties as Coordinator of UGC sponsored Spoken / Communicative English Certificate Course. However, both Dr. Chakraborty and Sri Dutta are bearing the brunt of the Department  and carrying on the traditional glory of the English Department of Midnapore College.

Location of the Department:-

English Department is located in the new U.G.C Building of the College on the 2nd floor. Departmental library is furnished with 72 books.

Guest Teachers :-

In each academic session qualified guest Teachers having U.G.C. norms are appointed  for meting out full justice to the completion of syllabus. These guest teachers help the  English Department in taking classes, holding class tests and seminars, examining the answer scripts and helping the students in academic and cultural activities. At present One Guest Teacher and One Part time Teacher are serving the English Department.

Students :

The students’ admission is made purely on merit basis. After admission they remain under a process of continuous evaluation and supervision of teachers. The intake capacity of the department is about 60. A kind of craze is going on all around the district among the prospective students to be admitted here. Their performance in the University Examinations is very satisfactory. They are loyal and submissive but patient and painstaking throughout their student life.

Position of the Alumni:

Having graduated from this college the students pursue higher studies in different Universities. Some are engaged in research activities after their completion of Post-Graduate Course. They come out successfully in the UGC conducted NET and SET examinations. Some opt for IAS, WBCS, SSC examinations. Again some choose to be journalists and good administrators. Wherever they are, they create an impression of their merit and capability.

Present position held by
The Alumni in the last five Years:-

1. Sri Subrata Maity, Assistant Professor, P.K.College, Contai
2. Sri Bisweswar Chakraborty, Jhargram Govt. College, Jhargram
3. Dr. Jayjit Ghosh, Associate Professor, Vidyasagar University
4. Rajib Ghosh, WBSC Officer, Dept of Irrigation, Govt. of West Bengal
5. Bivas Chand, Assistant Professor, Raja N.L.Khan Women’s College.
6. Bipasa Majumder, Assistant Professor, Debra College.
7. Rajkumar Bera, Guest Lecturer, Midnapore College.

And Some 35 students serving as teachers in different schools & offices.

Results of the Department in the last five years

Statement of B.A.PART II Examination (Honours)
Subject  :  English (Honours)































Students performances and placement in the last five years

  1. No of students qualified NET                 :     01
  2. No of students qualified SET                  :     04
  3. No of students appointed in Colleges and universities    :     05
  1. No of students appointed as Guest Faculty         :10
  2. Qualified in Clerkship, SSC etc     :           35 & above