The infrastructural facilities of Midnapore College support the academic development. Through the College’s arch gate gleam the old and new buildings in which classrooms, library, Laboratories are housed.The infrastructural facilities of the College are being augmented to keep pace with academic growth.  Netaji Subhas Satabarsiki Building,  New UGC Building have been constructed with the UGC Grant to provide more classrooms. Vivekananda Hall, the auditorium of the College, has been expanded with two long wings for holding classes for new subjects also it is used for holding functions, seminars and symposia, workshops, educational camps etc. 
     Old Thakbasta Building is under new construction in which library will be shifted with the provision for wide reading rooms for both the students and the staff. Two hostels, one for male and the other for female, accommodate near about 160 students. Students avail the opportunity of body-building in the College’s open vast playground and gymnasium. Also their regular health check-up is being done in the Students’ Health Home in the College campus. In this way the college is providing the students many other facilities like experimentation in the IAPT, Midnapore College Centre, observation of the motion of stars and planets through the telescope installed in Midnapore College N.C. Rana Sky Observation Centre, Distance Education through Indira Gandhi National Open University, Midnapore College Centre, etc. Midnapore College provides a guidance program, including personal counseling to all students for their adjustment with the college life, hostel life and general social ambience.                               
   Midnapore College Computer Centre, Indira Gandhi National Open University for Distance Education of Midnapore College unit. Midnapore College Centre for Scientific culture established by Indian Association of Physics Teachers and Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD) are consistently  trying  to  cater  to  the diverse  needs of the learners,  specially  to provide higher education  through distance mode to the under privileged section of the society.

    In fact, considering the quick changes in the Socio-Economic life of the society and concomitant with the recent view of U.G.C., non-traditional and job oriented programmes like B.C.A. and Computer Sciences (Honours) have been introduced in the College.

    Midnapore College library at present housed on the top of old U.G.C. Building is equipped with more than 47,000 books and some journals. Computerization of cataloging is in progress. Rare books are available here in the library. It provides support not only to the existing students but also extends its help to the outgoing students of the college in their Post-graduate studies.

   The detailed descriptions of college buildings furnished below indicate perceived strength of physical facilities   in fulfilling the college’s mission :

1. Old Building (two storeyed) :

          At the entrance of Gothic structural building  which  was  once  the main one is two storeyed and it accommodates Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Physiology and Zoology Departments with their laboratories and classrooms. It is popularly known and called ‘Science Building’.


      2.  Swami Vivekananda Hall

    The Vivekananda Hall, added in 1965, is the only stage facility and the largest meeting area (other than the Gallery Hall) on campus with seating accommodation  of approx, 600 people. This auditorium is generally used for holding cultural functions, seminar and symposia, meetings of various types and  purposes such as foundation day ceremony. Different Organisations are allowed to arrange workshops, educational camps in this auditorium on holidays. This has established a good linkage between the college and community. It is also given on rent for holding cultural functions and examinations. To the annex of this building Students’ Common Room (Male) is accommodated on the top floor in one corner with spacious windows and doors with the facilities of indoor games, television set etc. It needs to be updated. On the ground floor Sanskrit and History Seminar rooms are housed.


3.   Thakbasta Building

            This is an old building once known as  ‘European Club’, now used for holding classes. Work is in progress to renovate and add more floors to accommodate Library and reading room. Present floor area 6500sq.ft. would be 50,000sq.ft. when completed.     

4.   Centenary Building

      This building is located on the north of the Old Building and is connected to the following buildings by a  walkway : to Old Building and Thakbasta Building. This building is used as the Administrative building with Principal’s chamber, Library with reading rooms, Teachers’ common Room, Girls’ Common room and Geography Laboratory. Eight general usage classrooms are in the building and with a sizeable inner foyer used by students between classes as lounge area. Also housed in this building is the main switchboard for the campus telephone.        


5.    Netaji  Subhas  Shatabarshiki  Building    is  three  storeyed  constructed for academic building. It has been constructed with the U.G.C. grant. At the instance of the Bar Council of India the college planned to start a separate Law College styled as Midnapore Law College with a separate management. Midnapore Law College being founded was housed in this building.  

        Midnapore College is always dynamic in its activities as such in extending its utmost help in establishing Midnapore Law College for imparting legal education to the students of frontier West Bengal. The College has setup an observatory on the top floor of this building. 

      A telescope measuring 10 inches diameter of “Meade Cassegrain Telescope” brought from USA has been installed here. It has been named as Midnapore College N.C.Rana Sky Observatory Centre. This has been serving as a Centre for higher studies and research activities in Physics. The college students can avail the opportunity of research activities even after completing the Degree Course.                          

      6.   Play Ground

            On the western part of the college campus across a main road there is a large play ground surrounded by the college Hostels. Cricket, Vollyball, Football tournaments are held and regular practice of playing games and body building is followed in a disciplined manner. This playground requires fortification by boundary walls which at this stage can not be repaired for lack of fund. Also more apparatus for students’ body-building should be provided.

      7.   Hostels

            There  are  two hostels-one for male students  accommodating  60 students and the other for female students accommodating 114 students. Hostel accommodation is provided to selected students depending on the  distance between their places of residence and the institution. Preference is given to students coming from other or remote places of the district. But accommodation in hostel should be increased in view of the increasing number of students.       

     8. Students’ Canteen is now on the southern corner of the college, and more staff  should be provided for serving the students more and more.